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International conference

The conference “Earth Remote Sensing technology for efficient operation of federal and regional regulatory agencies and companies” and exposition “Earth Remote sensing 2008” will take place in Saint-Petersburg (exposition center “LenExpo”, Conference-room #7.2) on November 27.

The conference is supported by the World Meteorological Organization, Russian Space Agency, Federal Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Service of Russian Federation, companies IMD, “ScanEx” R&D Center.

Major conference topics:

Session I
Earth remote sensing application in the environmental management, environmental monitoring and protection, hydrometeorology and emergencies for regulatory agencies and businesses; Monitoring of air, water and soil pollution to provide the data to the federal and regional environmental protection agencies to support the management decision making process; Geophysical and hydrometeorological data for federal and regional regulatory agencies; Monitoring of weather and climate forming factors to ensure a reliable weather and climate change forecast, including in the near-Earth space environment.

Session II
Earth satellite imagery and Internet. Modern access to Earth remote sensing data.

New generation geostationary and low-orbit space complexes and systems for hydrometeorological support and real-time earthquake monitoring, industrial and natural emergencies; Earth Remote Sensing technology in preparations to Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014. Earth Remote Sensing data for land cadastral register, forestry and farming, monitoring of infrastructural sites and other purposes; Implementation of agreement between Roscosmos and Saint-Petersburg on creating navigation and geoinformation systems and distribution of earth Remote sensing data facilitating regional hydrometeorological support, organization of specialists training, introduction of resource and energy saving technologies and instrumentation manufacture technologies.

The participants in the conference ” Earth Remote Sensing technology for efficient operation of federal and regional regulatory agencies and companies” will be able to visit:

Exposition METEOREX 2008, 27-29 November 2008;
Exposition “Earth Remote sensing”, 27-29 November 2008;

Conference “Special hydrometeorological support for transport”, 28 November 2008;

“ScanEx” R&D Center seminar “Geoportal for efficient solutions of federal and regional government agencies and business units”, 28 November 2008.


METEOREX — is the largest international exposition in hydrometeorology, hydrology, environmental monitoring and related industries. All leading world manufacturers and vendors of instruments, systems, hardware and services in hydrometeorology, hydrology, environmental monitoring and related industries participate in METEOREX. Additionally, the RosHydroMet organizations, agencies and business units will offer their services to economics and government agencies as part of METEOREX 2008 exposition. The exposition takes place every 2 years in various countries members of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and timed to coincide with the WMO Technical conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation – TECO.

TECO 2008
All hydrometeorological services of WMO member countries participate in TECO. In line with the WMO and RosHydroMet decisions, 2008 TECO and METEOREX will take place Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, on 27-29 November 2008.

It is the first time that Russian federation hosts such a significant international forum on hydrometeorology, hydrology, environmental monitoring and related industries, including ? Earth Remote Sensing.

To be able to participate in the conference “Earth Remote Sensing technology for efficient operation of federal and regional regulatory agencies and companies”, please, fill out the application and send it to the Organization board at the email or the fax number on the application form.

See you in Saint-Petersburg!