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Intermec introduces 700 Series mobile computer with GPS Receiver

Intermec announced the addition of LinksPoint’s new GlobalPoint GPS 12-channel Global Positioning System receiver for the 700 Series mobile computer. The GlobalPoint GPS attaches to the bottom of the handheld computer and provides GPS location data to software running on the device. GlobalPoint GPS receivers allow existing handheld computers to be used for location-oriented applications including field data collection, vehicle, personnel and asset tracking, navigation, field service management, proof of delivery and numerous other applications. The new GlobalPoint GPS receiver represents the latest generation of LinksPoint’s handheld GPS technology and features a number of enhancements. LinksPoint’s GPS technology is in use by government agencies, utilities and enterprises worldwide for data collection and field force tracking.

In addition to advanced GPS technology integration, Intermec’s 700 Color Series is the first family of rugged mobile computers to integrate up to three radio communication options in a single device, including a wireless local area (802.11b) radio, a GPRS or CDMA wide area network radio, plus a fully integrated power-managed Bluetooth radio. Using Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC, the 700 Series allows mobile workers to retrieve information and make solid business decisions while performing work in the field.