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Intermap’s digital elevation dataset satisfies FEMA guidelines

Denver, Canada: Intermap Technologies announced its NEXTMap USA IFSAR-derived digital elevation dataset is a potential source of data to satisfy the recently released FEMA guidelines for accuracy and density for low and medium risk specification levels within watersheds.

“With our cost-efficient NEXTMap USA dataset being thoroughly compatible with, and complementary to, LiDAR-derived data, planners have more options than ever before to broaden their elevation data coverage for updating risk maps,” said Rick Eagle, Intermap’s Senior Vice President of products. “For areas where LiDAR data is limited, we offer a proprietary data fusion process that merges existing LiDAR and other high quality topographic data with our IFSAR-generated data; thus, creating a seamless transition between the two datasets and providing tremendous value to state agencies and tax payers.”

NEXTMap USA’s high-resolution digital terrain model (DTM) is hydro-enforced, with elevation points removed from the tops of bridges, culverts, and other selected drainage structures – perfectly suited for many Risk MAP updates throughout the country. Additionally, the metadata within the NEXTMap USA DTM is fully compliant with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) standards and is easily incorporated into FEMA’s Mapping Information Platform (MIP) via a simple documented process provided by Intermap.
Source: Intermap