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Intermap Technologies


6 November 2006 – Intermap Technologies Corp. today announced the addition of a fourth aircraft to their fleet of planes equipped with Intermap’s proprietary IFSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) airborne data collection system. The new aircraft will begin operating in Europe and is capable of collecting approximately 1,500,000 sq. km. (580,000 sq. mi.) of highly accurate digital elevation data per year.

The added capacity provided by this aircraft aids in the completion of Intermap’s aggressive plan for the proactive collection of country-wide data throughout Europe by the end of 2007. Starting in November 2006, this aircraft will begin updating elevation data previously collected in the United Kingdom. The aircraft will then spend the bulk of 2007 supporting the remainder of the NEXTMap Europe program, which covers 13 European countries.

According to Michael Bullock, Intermap’s Vice President of Engineering, “The IFSAR development on this aircraft was initiated in April 2006 with the announcement of our NEXTMap Europe program. The aircraft will be fully operational in less than seven months from the time we initiated development.”

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