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Intermap Technologies announces new mapping projects

Intermap Technologies Inc. has announced that it has received contracts totalling CDN $1,539,645. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks, acquired data for watershed research and another customer has requested thematic line maps, from data available in Intermap’s GLOBAL Terrain archive of terrain elevation data.

Professor Matt Nolan, Institute of Northern Engineering, University of Alaska, commented that “we have previously used Intermap terrain elevation data for our research on watershed drainage on the North Slope of Alaska. We are fortunate to be able acquire this additional data from Intermap’s existing GLOBAL Terrain data archive.”

“Intermap has demonstrated its ability to create accurate topographic and thematic mapping products using its proprietary IFSAR imagery,” said Michael Bullock, Intermap’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “With this new contract, Intermap will be creating detailed thematic line maps for areas that are difficult to map due to persistent cloud cover.” Bullock added that “We can deliver these products very quickly and reliably, adding to the value and demand for these products.”