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Intermap Technologies announces $3.2M contract for NEXTMap USA geospatial data

Denver, Colorado, 26 July 2006 – Intermap Technologies Corp. announced that its Intermap Federal Services subsidiary has been awarded a US$3.2 million contract to provide imagery and elevation data from the company’s NEXTMap USA geospatial datasets. Included in the license for 773,889 square kilometers of data across the United States is the first purchase of a data license for the entire state of California.

Intermap will supply the California data immediately and will deliver other areas over the next few quarters as they are collected. Included in the deliverables are high-accuracy digital surface models, digital terrain models and high-resolution orthorectified radar imagery.

“This is an important sale for the company as it confirms the market’s need to have immediate access to accurate digital elevation data for large areas, ” commented Brian Bullock, President and CEO of Intermap Technologies. “To date, this sale brings the total license revenue for NEXTMap USA data to approximately US$6 million.”

Intermap is continuing to proactively re-map entire countries throughout the world and has delivered data to numerous buyers including county governments, municipalities and commercial customers. Currently, the company has data available off-the-shelf for 505 counties in the U.S., all of Great Britain, and numerous areas in Southeast Asia. Germany is the next whole country that Intermap will add to the NEXTMap inventory.