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Intermap Technologies adds fifth aircraft to help complete 3D mapping programme

Denver, USA, 8 February 2007 – Intermap Technologies Corp. has announced the launch of a second Learjet 36 aircraft, the company’s fifth plane equipped with their proprietary industry-leading IFSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) airborne data collection system. Its first flight and successful collection of geospatial radar imagery commenced in the Rocky Mountains while en route to Denver, Colorado.

The new aircraft will continue operating in the United States and is capable of collecting approximately 1,600,000 sq. km. (618,000 sq. mi.) of highly-accurate 3D digital elevation data per year. This platform joins a technically-sophisticated fleet of four other craft that are proactively collecting country-wide data throughout the United States and Europe as part of Intermap’s accelerated NEXTMap initiative. The added capacity also enables the company to support its growing list of fee-for-service projects around the world.

“The IFSAR infrastructure of this aircraft was operational in record time – a credit to the unrivaled technical expertise of our engineering team,” stated Mark Frank, Intermap’s Vice President of Acquisition Operations & Engineering.

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The company is proactively remapping entire countries and building unprecedented national databases, called NEXTMap, consisting of highly accurate digital geometric maps that include elevation data. eadquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 360 people worldwide, with additional offices in Calgary, Detroit, Jakarta, London, Munich, and Ottawa. For more information, visit www.intermap.com.