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Intermap launches NEXTMap library of digital maps

Denver, Canada: Intermap Technologies announced its new Web services portal – an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-compliant platform that supports the acquisition and delivery of the company’s NEXTMap database and new online geospatial services, all leveraging 1-meter vertically accurate digital elevation models and geometric images.

Intermap’s TerrainOnDemand portal has been specifically designed to encourage seamless access and use of geospatial data online, while integrating the resulting information into user-specific geospatial application environments. Supported clients include GIS desktop software, Web browsers and Web services-enabled custom software. Additionally, users can now acquire geospatial information under new financial models that provide greater flexibility and control to customers who desire to solve geospatial challenges quickly and efficiently.

Unlike many Web service offerings that focus on Web Map Service (WMS) functionality that displays geo-registered map images that can be displayed in a browser application, TerrainOnDemand offers full Web Coverage Service (WCS) functionality that allows users to easily access native raster content such as digital elevation data, satellite images, digital aerial photos, and other phenomena represented by values at each measurement point.

The Company’s countrywide NEXTMap datasets include uniformly reliable digital surface models that include cultural features (such as vegetation, buildings, and roads), digital terrain models that display the bare earth (with all cultural features digitally removed) and orthorectified radar images corrected to remove normal geometric distortions (grayscale images that accentuate topographic features).

Custom-developed analytical and querying tools for Intermap’s microwave link planning and flood risk assessment applications are also available via the TerrainOnDemand Web services portal – other application-specific tools are in development.

Source: Intermap