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Intermap launches innovative eLearning course

Intermap Technologies Corporation announced the launch of its first Web-based eLearning training course “Digital Elevation Models from Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR).” This free course is now available online at the Intermap Web site, .

Intermap’s innovative eLearning course is aimed at the general public, students, clients and Intermap staff. The goal of the course is to teach complex subjects such as the fundamentals of synthetic aperture radar systems and to present these concepts through multimedia technology in ways that help enhance learner comprehension and retention.

Intermap will use its proprietary Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar technology (IFSAR) as its primary data collection tool for NEXTMap USA. Data will include national coverage of the continental USA in the form of detailed elevation models referred to as Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models. An Orthorectified Radar Image (ORI) will also be produced from the data gathered. The elevation data will have a data point every 5 meters, each point having a 1-meter horizontal and vertical accuracy. The orthorectified image will have a 1.25-meter pixel size that is also spatially accurate to 1-meter. NEXTMap USA data will be available starting in the second quarter of 2004, and will be sold under license by Intermap.

“This multimedia course has been developed using a learning objects approach,” said Dan Merritt, Intermap’s Director of Learning and Skills Development. “It has auditing and testing functions that allow the learner to move forward at their own pace while reinforcing the learning objectives. Already, the Departments of Geography and Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary have indicated they would like integrate the course into their undergraduate and graduate level curriculum.”

Intermap’s partners in the project include the University of Calgary, the Canadian Space Agency, Geomatics Industry Association of Canada, ADGA Group and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation. Intermap’s innovative multimedia eLearning course was developed in part with financial assistance from CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Internet Development Corporation.