Intermap launches GeoPro Bundle for efficient data management

Intermap launches GeoPro Bundle for efficient data management


Intermap-logoUS, September 2014: Intermap Technologies has announced the release of the GeoPro Bundle software that includes a customer-selected set of company’s unmatched NEXTMap elevation data with a subscription to the GeoPro SaaS application.

The new software allows users to easily connect their spatial data (including the bundled NEXTMap elevation data) from hundreds of file formats and thousands of spatial reference systems.

Data is transformed automatically into a common spatial reference system and gathered into a central repository, making it easy for even remote users to quickly access their available datasets. Interestingly, a user requires no GIS knowledge to accomplish this.

Todd Oseth Intermap President and CEO said, ““The GeoPro Bundle from Intermap transforms geospatial data management by offering customers an easy to use subscription-based service that allows them to save time and money while combining all of their disparate data sets into one repository. A customer simply selects the Intermap NEXTMap data they want, adds their own datasets, and then they can share that combined data bundle via our Cloud-based GeoPro software with others.”

Source: Intermap