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Intermap completes world’s most ambitious mapping project

The world’s most ambitious landscape mapping project has been completed over Britain. Using advanced airborne radar first developed for the US military, the entire country has been mapped electronically in 3D. Acquired from a Learjet flying at 450 mph at an altitude of 20,000-28,000 ft, the data is captured with unparalleled accuracy, mapping the land every 5 metres with an elevation accurate to 50cm. The result is an enormous digital database with over 8 billion elevation points forming a truly revolutionary map called NEXTMap Britain. The original project area, which includes the whole of England and Wales and lowland Scotland is now complete and the data can be selected for purchase and download from the Internet. Intermap announces a new flying programme in Northern Scotland, that will see the Highlands and Islands mapped with unprecedented accuracy. NEXTMap Britain is the first time an entire country has been fully mapped in one continuous sweep and also the first time it has been done without government funding. Intermap have plans to map all the worlds key industrialised countries and have already started working on a number of other NEXTMap countrywide programs.

Intermap produces digital elevation models, orthorectified images and thematic maps from proprietary processes that include airborne interferometric radar technology. Intermap data provides a precise model of the shape of the earth’s surface with unprecedented accuracy. Data is used to create 3D visualisations, topographic maps, and to give intelligence to airborne and satellite images.