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Intermap announces restructuring

Denver, Canada: Intermap Technologies has announced an organisational restructuring. Total employee headcount has been decreased by 17 per cent, including a significant reduction at the executive level. The restructuring follows Intermap’s completion of the NEXTMap Europe and NEXTMap USA datasets, and supports management’s effort to lower expenses in alignment with current revenues. The net impact on total expenses, after severance, is a reduction of approximately USD 3.6 million or 9 per cent annually. Severance costs of approximately USD 1.1 million will be paid out on a payroll by payroll basis over an extended period throughout 2010 and 2011.

“With NEXTMap completed, Intermap has been undergoing the transition from an engineering and production company to a streamlined customer- and market-driven organisation,” said Howard Nellor, Intermap’s interim CEO. “Today’s changes are part of this transition as we focus on the federal and civil government, national mapping programmes, defence and intelligence mapping, insurance and risk management, telecommunication, the automotive industry, and cloud-based web services. From an operations perspective, our objective is to reach positive cash flow for 2011 through reduced expenses and increased revenue from current and new customer contracts.”

Total headcount of the company is now approximately 571 worldwide, with 182 in North America and Europe, and 389 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Source: Intermap