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Intermap Announces Elevation Data Sales to Space Imaging

Intermap Technologies has announced the data sales valued at US $280,000 to Space Imaging of Thornton, Colorado. The data covers the islands of Puerto Rico and Jamaica and will be used to enhance the accuracy of IKONOS satellite imagery offered by Space Imaging.

“With the selection of Intermap as our provider of high quality elevation data for Jamaica and Puerto Rico, we have addressed both seasonal and diurnal cloud cover constraints typical of many islands in the Caribbean region,” said Jeff Young, Vice President of Global Solutions Sales and Marketing of Space Imaging. “This is the first countywide sale of data to Space Imaging,” commented Michael Bullock Intermap Vice President of Sales. “The high accuracy and quality of our two products are a natural fit.”

The digital elevation data for Puerto Rico will come from Intermap’s data store GLOBAL Terrain.com while DEMs for Jamaica are currently being collected. Intermap Technologies captures and produces highly accurate digital mapping data for use in a wide range of applications, including planning and engineering projects, navigation systems, and to enhance the accuracy and detail of satellite images.