Intermap aids in December 2004 tsunami rehabilitation efforts

Intermap aids in December 2004 tsunami rehabilitation efforts


Colorado, USA, 19 July 2006: Intermap Technologies Corp has been selected by Apogee Imaging International to provide radar imagery and digital elevation data for areas of Indonesia destroyed by the tsunami in December 2004. The Commonwealth of Australia has awarded the contract through Apogee Imaging International, who is the prime contractor on the project. Intermap in a release on June 12, 2006 cited the amount of the contract $2.5 million and period of performance as 2006.

The mapping of the tsunami devastated areas in the Aceh Province and the Nias Island, North Sumatra Province are part of an Australian grant programme to support planning and reconstruction activities for the area. Intermap will also provide training and computer equipment to BAKOSURTANAL, the Indonesian national mapping agency, to enable greater efficiency in managing the remapping effort.

The earthquake and tsunami created changes in the coastal topography, shifting drainage patterns and landforms, thus making pre-tsunami maps virtually unusable in the rebuilding effort. Intermap’s highly accurate digital elevation mapping data will be particularly useful in the recovery and reconstruction phase as the availability of accurate 3D terrain data will allow planners to understand the geographic changes and select sites for reconstruction out of harm’s way.

Intermap’s Digital Terrain Model (DTM) will enable new engineering and design standards that can withstand the seismic and flooding forces present in the region. This effort is particularly important for the reconstruction of public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.