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Intergraph’s Team GeoMedia program continues to grow in North America

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions welcomes four new companies to its Team GeoMedia Program. e-Mapping Solutions and Integrated Desktop Solutions (IDS) have joined as Registered Solutions Providers (RSPs), and GeoDecisions and Ruekert/Mielke have come onboard as Registered Solutions Centers (RSCs). These new members expand the already-strong RSP and RSC program that recently topped 100 members. The program fosters partnerships with independent businesses that focus on the development, sales, marketing, and support of geospatial industry solutions based on Intergraph’s GeoMedia(r) technology.

RSP members offer diverse solutions and services
More information about these new RSP and RSC members can be found at teamgeomedia.com, the one-stop geospatial information and data resource site for Intergraph customers, GIS professionals, and the general public.

  • e-Mapping Solutions, a long-time Intergraph business partner provides tools for location and geographic information analysis and delivers technology on the Web using GeoMedia technology. The company provides clients a means to employ location-based analysis, analyse customer databases, visualize spatial patterns in corporate data, and develop information to make better business decisions. e-Mapping Solutions also hosts corporate data with a geographic component to deliver it on demand.
  • Integrated Desktop Solutions Inc. (IDS) has been an Intergraph Business Partner for more than eight years, providing sales and services to customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on state and local government agencies and utilities, IDS provides solutions that include GeoMedia, MGE, FRAMME(tm) and G/Solutions product lines. The company offers a full range of services including consulting, training, data conversion, software development and software customisation.
  • GeoDecisions is a recognized leader in the spatial IT industry and a long-time Intergraph partner. The company provides innovative geospatial solutions and has an experienced staff of more than 90 professional consultants, analysts, and developers who have a complete understanding of integrating spatial information with cutting-edge technology. The company uses GeoMedia technology to design, develop, and implement robust scalable solutions and to integrate spatial information to empower existing systems and processes.
  • Ruekert/Mielke, a multidisciplinary engineering firm incorporated in 1946, has provided Geographic Information System mapping services since 1989. The company offers a host of GIS services to their customers, including a number of Web GIS-specific and customized services intended to help their customers increase efficiency and provide the most value for their investment. The company joins as the first RSC in North America and will incorporate GeoMedia technology to give customers Web-based tools they need to increase response time in deploying maps and information to an audience of non-GIS users, ranging from municipal staff to the general public.