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Intergraph’s Team GeoMedia delivers top-quality geospatial solutions

Team GeoMedia(R) members and Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions have expanded teamgeomedia.com to deliver direct access to top-quality geospatial solutions. They are bringing together geospatial information and data resources to develop the site as the premier one-stop resource for GeoMedia customers, GIS professionals, and the general public.

The Team GeoMedia Solutions Catalog provides the gateway to solutions from Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider (RSP) and Registered Solutions Center (RSC) members delivering applications and services that are “Powered by GeoMedia” and datasets that are “Ready for GeoMedia.” “The Solutions Catalog quickly enables customers to locate an outstanding selection of solutions and services that can make their day-to-day use and management of geospatial information easier,” said Leos Svoboda, Team GeoMedia program manager for Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions.

“The quality behind authorized ‘Powered by’ and ‘Ready for’ solutions gives the assurance that they are backed by Intergraph’s industry-proven GeoMedia technology, are built on open GIS and IT standards, and integrate well within an enterprise environment.
These authorized solutions are available from specially selected and qualified partners only.”