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Intergraph’s new and improved GeoMedia WebMap 5.0 now available for web mapping needs

Aug. 26, 2002 – Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions today announced availability of GeoMedia WebMap 5.0 with enhancements that include improved display, performance, and spatial analysis. GeoMedia WebMap is a Web-based map visualization solution that offers real-time links to geographic information systems (GIS) data warehouses for exploiting an organization’s valuable geospatial data when it is needed. Based on proven GeoMedia technology, GeoMedia WebMap offers an efficient way to maximize the distribution of essential enterprise information by making it available on the Internet or an intranet. GeoMedia Web mapping technology provides a way to spatially enable geospatial infrastructure management systems and distribute the data over the Web.

GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0 (formerly GeoMedia WebEnterprise) includes all the Web-based map visualization capabilities of GeoMedia WebMap and allows users to manipulate and analyze important geospatial data enterprisewide. Available in mid-September, GeoMedia WebMap Professional enables creation of custom Web mapping applications that include new capabilities such as dynamic segmentation and linear analysis. GIS, IT, and mapping professionals can effectively manage their infrastructure with Web tools that are open, flexible, and scalable.