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Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced that the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Public Works Department, has chosen Intergraph’s Geospatial Resource Management solutions to improve delivery of public services to residents in conjunction with the recent merger of seven municipalities – now called the City of Hamilton. Prior to the merger, the city’s existing spatial and asset management systems operated independently, resulting in duplication of data and effort, and overall operating inefficiencies. With the merger, the public works, transportation, environment, and operations departments will now provide service to an expanded population of more than half a million. New demands, such as increased maintenance and updates to public systems, including water and sewer, and customer requests resulting from the increased number of end-users, prompted city officials to explore various ways to streamline their daily workflows.

Intergraph’s GeoMedia(r)-Hansen Interface, will give Hamilton an easy solution to tightly integrate their asset data. Using their existing GeoMedia database and Hansen Infrastructure Management System, Hamilton city employees will be able to store graphic features and associated attributes as unified records within a centralized industry-standard object model database. Intergraph’s GeoMedia-Hansen Interface will provide the department with a bi-directional interface to move information seamlessly between the
two databases, eliminating redundant data entry and synchronization problems. With the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface, data now will be entered once in one system and then automatically synchronized with the other system. This will allow users to switch easily between the map-based display in GeoMedia and the detailed asset records in Hansen to view up-to-date information. The technology will also give city employees the capability to access work orders, customer service requests, and asset groups, thus allowing quicker
response to customer requests and issues. According to Jim MacAulay, Supervisor of Engineering Services, Public Works Department, City of Hamilton, the new technology is helping them improve decision-making processes.