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Intergraph users take Radius Topology for a test-drive

Laser-Scan and Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions have created a new interactive demonstration to show the capability of Radius Topology when working with GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0. The demonstration gives users the chance to see exactly how Radius Topology can be used to enhance spatial queries with advanced spatial relationship management. The demonstration can be accessed via the Radius Topology website, visitors can request their free username and password at

Laser-Scan’s Sales and Marketing Director Duncan Guthrie said: “The live demonstration shows the true value of a solution that uses Radius Topology and GeoMedia WebMap Professional. The scalability, security and reliability of an integrated solution provide customers with a data management system that meets their needs enterprisewide.”

Radius Topology is an advanced spatial processing environment, which extends the Oracle9i database and provides dramatic improvements to the speed and consistency of spatial data handling.

Any application that recognises the Oracle Spatial type can benefit from the addition of Radius Topology.

Oracle9i software and Intergraph solutions, such as GeoMedia WebMap Professional, can continue unchanged while Radius Topology works behind the scenes, automatically adding stored topological intelligence to data. Because GeoMedia WebMap Professional can connect directly to Oracle9i, the addition of Radius Topology is seamless; it is a “fit and forget” component. Laser-Scan’s Radius Topology, coupled with Intergraph’s GeoMedia technology, provides advanced stored topology in an open, scalable environment to all IT users.