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Intergraph, UPONUS Technologies partner to broaden security offerings

Alabama, USA, 3 October 2006: Intergraph Corporation announced on October 3, a Strategic Partnership Agreement with UPONUS Technologies, LLC, a Chicago-based technology company specializing in loss less data compression and encryption. This partnership will enable public safety, military, intelligence, and homeland security agencies as well as other security organizations in the private and public sector to benefit from Intergraph’s incident detection, assessment and response technologies enhanced with UPONUS’ patent-pending encryption capabilities.

UPONUS’ technology simultaneously encrypts and compresses data streams for remote operations (sensors, UAVs, satellites, banking, sending instructions, etc.). This enables organizations to make the transaction of data more efficient while maintaining data confidentiality. The technology will be incorporated into cyber security, intelligence, video and remote operation services utilized by the government.

The solution resulting from the combination of Intergraph and UPONUS technologies performs loss less compression of large amounts of data, video, videoconferencing, large batch files and imagery and simultaneously encrypts for secure transmission in a near real-time process. This technology-combined process reduces the requirement for separate devices, additional power requirements and provides a significant reduction in bandwidth usage and requirements. The technology functions with any type of input thereby promoting interoperability and information sharing. Unlike some encryption and compression techniques, this technology works on any type of data. For example short burst of data from remote temperature and vibration sensors are handled as easily as huge continuous data streams from video and satellite image sensors.

“Intergraph is committed to providing our public safety, emergency response, security and intelligence agency customers with a robust portfolio of solutions to meet the evolving need for data and information,” said Ben Eazzetta, President, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure.

“By offering UPONUS’ encryption tools as part of our security solutions offerings we are able to provide our customers with additional tools for our comprehensive security suite. Leveraging our combined technologies and industry expertise, Intergraph continues to expand our foundational security solutions for organizations responsible for the protection of mission critical communications and data.”

Larry Tropp, CEO of UPONUS, said, “The ability to encrypt and de-encrypt communications on-the-fly with virtually no latency and very little overhead utilization means that our data security applications can become standard element of every communications system.”

-UPONUS Technologies, LLC-
UPONUS Technologies, LLC is a developer of lossless compression and encryption technologies that enhance the ability of companies to handle, communicate, control, store and protect their data. UPONUS’ patent pending encryption engine, called SASE (for Safe and Secure Encryption), is capable of encrypting streaming data on-the-fly in both wired and wireless settings with virtually no latency.