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Intergraph unveils new solution for SDI

Huntsville, US: Intergraph unveiled a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) utilising ERDAS’ data management technologies. This includes uniting its GeoMedia SDI suite with the superior data management capabilities of ERDAS APOLLO. Addressing the demand for geospatial information and services among GIS and non-GIS users, the combined package delivers a geospatial management platform that enables direct collaboration among government, business and the public.

Recently, Intergraph demonstrated this SDI solution, showcasing the integration of ERDAS APOLLO with Intergraph’s GeoMedia SDI suite. ERDAS APOLLO manages and delivers virtually any digital object in an organisation and provides superior data server capabilities such as image streaming (through ECWP and JPIP), image processing and analysis (WPS), coverage access (WCS), active notification of updates using geo-RSS, feature layer editing (WFS-T) and an extremely high level of performance under heavy user demand. Within the context of the demonstrated solution, Intergraph’s GeoMedia SDI suite provides highly-scalable, OGC-compliant enterprise geo-services, extended SDI services that secure and manage their deployment (such as enhanced security, user event logging, performance measurement and web portal content logging) and a powerful, yet simple-to-use browser application that enables users to find, access, visualise and analyse geospatial data published via SDI web services and to integrate data from multiple sources on-the-fly into a single, easily navigated map interface. This comprehensive solution will maximise the value of geospatial data by providing consistent and simple access to up-to-date enterprise information resources, and facilitating data sharing and collaboration with customers and partners. Additionally, it will manage and even automate many critical data and SDI administration tasks, saving time and controlling costs.

Recent SDI implementations using Intergraph and ERDAS products include the geoportals of the Czech Republic, IGN France, the Austrian air traffic service and the City of Bilbao in Spain. Both GeoMedia SDI and ERDAS APOLLO adhere to open standards set forth by the OGC and ISO.

Source: ERDAS