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Intergraph to demonstrate geospatial intelligence solutions

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions will demonstrate its geospatial intelligence solutions at DGI 2005, Europe’s first defense geospatial event, Jan. 25-27 in London.

The conference will cover gathering, analysis and dissemination of data and the role of spatial technology in addressing issues that have arisen from the expansion of the European Union, such as increased homeland security, multi-intelligence organization collaboration and data fusion, definition of recognized environmental pictures and urban environment mapping.

Intergraph’s geospatial intelligence solutions enable military and intelligence agencies to capture, create, manage, exploit and distribute geospatial information across organizations – addressing the need for interoperable, standards-based technology and services that integrate complex data into a single, functional picture. This allows organizations to select and combine the right data from diverse sources into a single environment for quicker, more accurate decision making and response.

Intergraph will be a key participant in the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC’s) pre-conference Interoperability Day. The collaborative interoperability demonstration, based on a geospatial intelligence exploitation scenario, will involve numerous spatial technology companies and will show how frameworks of standardized interfaces, information entities, objects, models and encodings can provide a common understanding and exchange of geospatial intelligence information and services.