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Intergraph to aid Russia in infectious disease management

Huntsville, US: Russian State Research Center for Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (SRCAMB) in Obolensk, Russia, selected ERDAS IMAGINE and ERDAS APOLLO to help support its spatial-temporal approach for processing data related to infectious diseases and conduct risk analysis of biologically hazardous objects. NeoGeography R&D Group and Navgeocom, authorised Intergraph Geospatial resellers in Russia, are now working directly with the Russian State Research Center on implementation.

ERDAS IMAGINE provides the SRCAMB with the ability to process and analyse satellite imagery to assess environmental impact factors. It also serves as an access point for acquiring relevant information, assisting in the analysis of environmental impact factors and aiding further research and development.

ERDAS APOLLO supports the SRCAMB by providing a common, reliable framework from which specialists, as well as the public at large, can access relevant data and the value-added products created in ERDAS IMAGINE. This includes cataloguing and deploying all the available satellite imagery. The end-user utilises ERDAS APOLLO to search, harvest and deploy the information, and ERDAS IMAGINE to measure and analyse the relevant data. From the ERDAS APOLLO interface, users can access spatially located information aggregated from the different software packages installed at the client side.

“By using ERDAS IMAGINE in conjunction with ERDAS APOLLO, we will be able to provide a unique level of situational awareness for infectious disease monitoring, reducing biological risks and threats for the public,” said Igor Govorunov, Information Department Chief, State Research Center for Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology in Obolensk, Russia.

Some of the core areas that both ERDAS products support include:
– Cataloguing of primary, geographically located information about biological and chemical safety.
– Development of the first-ever seasonally correct geographical context based on satellite imagery.
– Analysis of environmental factors of infectious diseases.
– Capabilities for rapid net-centric incident information based on WFS-T service Research and development in providing healthcare solutions.

“Throughout Russia, numerous organisations are discovering the value of robust data management solutions that provide true interoperability and security,” said Martin Ehrhardt, EMEA Geospatial Manager – Sales & Channel, Intergraph Corporation. “Solutions like ERDAS APOLLO and ERDAS IMAGINE allow global organisations to manage and address real-time needs that directly impact local populations.”

Source: Intergraph