Intergraph SG&I President John Graham steps down

Intergraph SG&I President John Graham steps down


Sweden: Steven Cost, Intergraph CFO, has replaced John Graham as President, Intergraph SG&I following Graham”s resignation to pursue a new role outside of Hexagon.

Hexagon has also announced few more changes within its technology division keeping in line with its multi-industry focus and continued effort to truly leverage its entire portfolio, existing platforms, and global footprint to create the next generation of value for Hexagon customers.

Steven Cost (newly appointed President, Intergraph SG&I) and Mattias Stenberg, newly appointed Chief Strategy Officer for Hexagon (formerly Vice President, Strategy and Communications) have joined the Hexagon Group Management team consisting of Ola Rollén (President and CEO), Robert Belkic (CFO), Bo Pettersson (CTO), Johnny Andersson (General Counsel), Juergen Dold (President, Hexagon Geosystems), Norbert Hanke (President, Hexagon Metrology), Li Hongquan (Vice President, Hexagon China) and Gerhard Sallinger (President, Intergraph PP&M).

A new group, Hexagon Solutions, has been formed to drive Hexagon”s solution-centric strategy forward and better exploit the synergistic opportunities that exist across its businesses. Headed by Claudio Simão, President South America, the group is responsible for guiding the direction and expansion of Hexagon”s Smart Solutions portfolio. Plans include operational launch as of 1 January 2014, and financial reporting beginning Q1 2014 under Hexagon”s Technology Division.

Intergraph”s geospatial technology portfolio, Hexagon Geospatial, remains under the leadership of Mladen Stojic but has been split out from Intergraph SG&I. Now part of Hexagon Geospatial, with Stojic as President, the newly created group also plans to be operational as of 1 January 2014 with financial reporting beginning Q1 2014 under Hexagon”s Technology Division.

“We continue to move from a product-centric organisation toward a solution-centric provider of business-oriented applications. Today, and in the future, our success will be defined by how well we leverage our technology, leadership and expertise to create new and continued value for our customers and shareholders,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén.

Source: Intergraph