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Intergraph selected to streamline cadastral registration by Kosovo Government

Kosovo Cadastral Agency (KCA) has selected Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions’ land information management solutions for cadastral registration and land information access. The agency, a part of the Kosovo government’s Ministry of Public Services, was established after the Kosovo war to reconstruct the country’s cadastre as well as to implement new GIS technology to streamline spatial information creation. Using Intergraph solutions, KCA is developing the national Immovable Property Rights Register to house records on property ownerships, buildings, parcels, land raster and vector data and associated metadata.

Kosovo has approximately two million parcels in a 10, 877 square kilometer area. With the new system, the government will provide a fully digital, centralized solution that contains the most accurate and up-to-date, integrated information for use by agencies at local government levels. This will provide Kosovo government entities with a streamlined property registration process, thus establishing efficient service to citizen and property owners throughout the country.

Using GeoMedia technology, surveyors and geodetic staff can streamline mapping workflows, reducing the time and cost associated with the creation, modification and extraction of geospatial data. Additionally, users at local and national government levels can easily view and distribute raster data, including orthophotos and topographical maps, as well as vector data, such as parcel borders, roads, rivers and digital elevation models online versus locating the spatial information needed in paper format. Users also have an integrated means of recording changes to property addresses, capturing building changes or improvements and updating land ownership records more easily and quickly.