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Intergraph SDI solutions to power Austria’s Austro Control

Austria: Intergraph is to play a key role in implementing a map-based data publishing service for Austria’s civil aviation authority, Austro Control. This project, which is the first publicly tendered Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in Austria, was awarded to a consortium led by Frequentis AG. Austro Control is the national body responsible for providing safe and cost-effective management of Austria’s air space, and directing the movements of up to 4,000 aircraft each day. Intergraph’s software will be used to deliver a system that will serve a range of critical national datasets created by Austro Control together with data from third-party providers. In subsequent phases, it is anticipated that the data will also be served to external, authorized users via OGC-compliant web services. The project will organise source data within a central database whose ultimate scope will span survey data, topographic maps, terrain data, digital elevation models and meteorological data as well as specialist aeronautical data such as obstacles, flight paths, departure and approach charts, etc. The system will utilise the collective data to generate aeronautical charts and other critical geo-data related products. In addition to the core database and services, the project will also deliver a client browser. As well as viewing and analysing Austro Control data, the browser will be able to connect to and utilize external OGC-compliant data sources using the web service integration capabilities provided by Intergraph‟s GeoMedia SDI Portal. Finally, the system will support the creation and management of metadata records that help clients find and make correct use of the published data resources. It is anticipated that by simplifying access to data and providing a more comprehensive range of data themes, Austro Control will be able to optimize and enhance a range of business processes. “Intergraph‟s SDI solutions provide a compelling proposition as they satisfy almost all of the requirements of standardized OGC services, SDI and the European INSPIRE legislation using „out-of-the-box‟ commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software” said, Robert Widz, EMEA Industry Director for Government Industry Segment within Intergraph SG&I.
Source: Intergraph