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Intergraph releases Z/I Mission

Alabama, USA, 12 June 2006: Intergraph Corporation announced on June 12 the availability of Z/I Mission, a comprehensive photo flight management system that provides an innovative solution for aerial survey procedures. From creating initial flight plans to generating reports and indices for the final exposures, Z/I Mission provides a rich data environment that can access any geo-referenced raster backdrop, vector mapping data, and digital orthophotos for flight planning. This mission planning system addresses functions such as flying a particular azimuth, planning the most economical mission for a given region of interest, 3D mission planning, and more.

The Z/I Mission Core module facilitates basic functions such as viewing of projects, data import or export, definition of coordinate systems, display layout definition through legend manipulation, explorer functionality and catalogue handling. Together with the optional modules for 3D planning and reporting or the program starter functionality, Z/I Mission can: Plan missions for block or corridor flights; Check planning results for correct side and end lap; Compute stereo coverage of planned or flown missions based on underlying digital terrain model; Interface to TerraShare for reference and image data handling; Control DMC Post Processing and DMC Digital Image analysis software; Interface with other existing flight management systems; Use geo-referenced maps as raster backdrops; Provide flexible coordinate system definition; Support export of project data for further use with ImageStation software.