Intergraph mobile app allows citizens to report incidents

Intergraph mobile app allows citizens to report incidents


Mobile Alert App for AndroidUS: Intergraph has launched a new mobile application which allows citizens to report incidents such as road or utility line damage to the authorities.

The new app is called Intergraph Mobile Alert. It was originally developed in collaboration with local governments in Europe. The app is aimed at enabling common people to play an active role in their cities’ development by allowing them to anonymously report issues as they are encountered. For the public works agencies, the app offers a cost-effective means of collecting actionable data. Local government agencies and utility companies can simply subscribe to receive the crowdsourced information by email. They can access the reports though a Web portal and OGC-compliant Web services.

“This new offering is designed to enable local governments to foster more citizen involvement in community improvement efforts,” said Vince Smith, Product Line Executive – GIS, Intergraph. “Now, citizens can simply take a photo of an asset or an event and send it to a hosted system where it can be acted upon in near real-time by their local government authorities.” The app can be downloaded from app stores like iTunes and Google Play. It has already been downloaded by more than 30,000 people worldwide.

Source: Intergraph