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Intergraph Mapping & GIS Solutions “Brings It Together” for Transportation Professionals at GIS-T 2002

At the GIS for Transportation Symposium (GIS-T), March 25-27 in Atlanta, Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is demonstrating its industry-proven GeoMedia(R) technology and IntelliWhere(TM) products. Among the noteworthy products and solutions in Intergraph’s booth (14-19) are their transportation industry products for enterprise linear referencing systems (LRS) management and analysis of spatial data, soon-to-be-announced GeoMedia 5.0 products, and IntelliWhere OnDemand product, a new vector-based mapping software for personal digital assistants (PDAs).

GeoMedia and IntelliWhere provide robust transportation solutions
Intergraph’s solutions and core products complement their commitment to provide superior, end-to-end geospatial solutions for transportation customers. Attendees can experience the company’s latest transportation-focused solutions by seeing these key demonstrations:

  • GeoMedia Transportation industry products – Specially designed industry products enable users to retrieve business and project data from most GIS databases or CAD files within an enterprise. And when used with GeoMedia Professional, users can correct network errors and create a high-quality linear dataset. Robust dynamic segmentation capabilities let users visualize the organization’s inventory of assets more clearly by analyzing tabular data referenced to linear features on a map. Creating map features such as pavement conditions, accident data, and average daily traffic, helps provide business-critical data for accurate decision-making. Cleaning up route data from external sources such as county roads to maintain high network standards is one example of how GeoMedia Transportation industry products support user productivity and accuracy.
  • GeoMedia Web-based products – Using GeoMedia’s innovative Web-based products, DOTs can make geospatial data available across the enterprise using a Web browser or a hardware-independent java client. Developing custom queries is easy. And the ability to conduct dynamic segmentation and linear analysis techniques, and deploy CAD data from GIS formats quickly and seamlessly over the Web helps make employees more productive and efficient, anytime, anywhere.
  • GeoMedia 5.0 technology preview – GIS-T attendees will get a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-announced GeoMedia 5.0 products featuring new data capture tools, spatial aggregation tools, and map presentation tools for improved productivity in data capture, analysis, map presentation, and plotting. Transportation professionals will also appreciate the easy-to-use customization tools that are a hallmark of GeoMedia technology.
  • IntelliWhere OnDemand – IntelliWhere OnDemand is perfect for field inspection crews checking assets such as signs and bridges. It supports multiple data formats and open industry standards for easy data capture on PDA devices and updates from the field. Working in an occasionally connected mode, field personnel can extract data from the GIS, view it, work in disconnected mode, and then synchronize updates back to the corporate enterprise system using a cradle or wireless connection.