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Intergraph launches GeoMedia Smart Client

Huntsville, US: Intergraph launched GeoMedia Smart Client service. Through this service, the company aims to provide a means for organisations to geospatially accelerate their business workflows with the power of GIS. As an enterprise-wide solution, GeoMedia Smart Client obliterates the growing disparity between antiquated GIS products and the needs of today’s geospatial contributors.

Between those working with a rigid and technically demanding desktop GIS and a static, lightweight browser-based GIS, there exists a large potential user base. GeoMedia Smart Client equips this broader audience of users, providing a means for them to access and use rich geospatial data in their business processes.

“Today, users need the power of GIS, not as a horizontal technology, but delivered in vertical market focused workflows,” said Mladen Stojic, Vice President, Geospatial at Intergraph SG&I. “GeoMedia Smart Client is an inclusive solution that leverages configurable workflows to augment and deliver geospatial tools to meet the needs of these smart users.”

With GeoMedia Smart Client, organisations can create a single deployment that can be configured for an unlimited number of applications. Geographic changes are easily and interactively implemented across an enterprise-wide smart GIS, seamlessly integrating into configurable workflows. Users from multiple departments can now leverage advanced geospatial functionality via simple-to-use map-based tools, streamlining their processes and honing their expertise. Now, a broader group of individuals (and departments) across an organisation can create data, maps and reports for their projects, rather than having to rely on a GIS specialist or outsource this work.

At GeoMedia Smart Client’s core are workflow optimisation and web editing capabilities, enabling an organisation to develop efficient, customer-specific workflows to empower smart users. Providing the utmost flexibility, these workflows are sustainable and support ongoing, long-term business processes.

Source: Intergraph