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Intergraph in partnership with eMeter

Huntsville, US: Intergraph has partnered with meter data management (MDM) provider eMeter to integrate smart meter data into its smart grid operations command-and-control centre. The integration will provide grid operators with consolidated end-to-end network visibility and management capabilities to provide utilities with the full operational benefits of their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart meter deployments in outage detection and response.

The smart grid operations command-and-control centre integrates the various technologies that make up a smart grid – outage management, distribution management, SCADA, infrastructure management, smart meters, etc. – into a consolidated, easy-to-use interface to maximise end-to-end grid efficiency.

By joining eMeter’s Integrated MDM (iMDM) partner programme, Intergraph will ensure future interoperability between its smart grid control centre technology and eMeter’s EnergyIP platform, making it easier for joint utility customers to integrate smart meters and AMI into their grids.

Lisa Caswell, vice president of alliances for eMeter, said, “Intergraph provides a key piece of the smart grid puzzle. The clear integration of smart grid information into a consolidated, user-friendly interface is a unique and necessary capability and eMeter is pleased that Intergraph will be enabling utilities to easily incorporate advanced meter information into their views.”

As an open MDM platform, the eMeter EnergyIP platform offers utilities choice and flexibility in selecting from multiple AMI systems for their smart grid initiatives. Many of the industry’s leading AMI and smart meter vendors have already joined the iMDM programme.

Jay Stinson, Vice President of Utilities & Communications, Intergraph, said, “Through a strong commitment to industry standards and interoperability with other leading software vendors, Intergraph enables smart grid customers to seamlessly improve network system efficiency and reliability while protecting previous technology investments.”

Source: Intergraph