Home News Intergraph helps Telewest centralize network assets for enterprise wide data access

Intergraph helps Telewest centralize network assets for enterprise wide data access

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions have announced that the broadband communications company, Telewest, has completed migration of 12 million network asset features from disparate legacy systems into a new corporate data warehouse, which was developed using Intergraph’s AM/FM/GIS solutions for communications companies. The newly consolidated database provides engineers nationwide with a consistent system for network documentation and maintenance.

The system enables enterprise wide access to network information for business tasks such as preparing commercial bids for national telecom projects. Telewest (Woking, UK) currently markets to 4.7 million homes and provides multiple services, including multi-channel television, telephone and Internet to 1.75 million residential customers throughout the UK.

With up-to-date asset information available throughout the enterprise, Telewest expects to reduce costs and response times and improve decision support and mitigate risk, thus increasing market competitiveness.

To document the network infrastructure as it was being built during rapid growth, Telewest maintained separate databases for each of its 13 franchise areas. In addition, Telewest’s data was being managed by four incompatible GIS products, providing no means to obtain an overall view of the network.

Within a 16-month period, Telewest and Intergraph, in conjunction with subcontractors KEMA Consulting and GTSS, successfully migrated 12 million features, including graphical information and associated intelligence into the new corporate database. Feature-level validation was applied to ensure the highest levels of data integrity during the process, yielding a success rate of 99.95 percent.