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Intergraph G/Technology selected by the Gas Company in Hawaii

Intergraph recently announced The Gas Company, Hawaii, has selected Intergraph’s G/Technology to manage its geofacilities data network, including full gas infrastructure data integration at all levels of systems, applications and views. G/Technology’s gas-specific solutionware will seamlessly manage The Gas Company’s planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance functions, simplifying projects and processes. The contract includes migrating existing gas network data from the company’s legacy proprietary commercial GIS into a G/Technology-based geofacilities management system. G/Technology’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) architecture mitigates implementation risk, while its open architecture will facilitate enterprise data access by facility designers, web users and employees involved in compliance, cathodic protection and marketing, providing them with the enterprise information they need to better perform tasks and increase customer service levels. The Gas Company, Hawaii, provides clean, efficient synthetic natural gas as well as propane gas to 67,000 customers. The Gas Company serves utility and non-utility consumers statewide, and provides engineering and technical support services to developers, government representatives, architects, engineers, contractors and homeowners to assist them with their energy needs. Nearly 90 percent of The Gas Company’s output is consumed by industrial and commercial customers – in particular, Hawaii’s vital hotel and restaurant industries.