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Intergraph forges strong alliances in North Asia with 23 new team Geomedia partners

November 18, 2002 – Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions has announced that the Intergraph Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider (RSP) and Registered Solutions Center (RSC) programs are making inroads into new territory with expansion into North Asia. The growth includes 23 companies from markets such as local and regional government, transportation, utilities, and land information management. The Team GeoMedia RSP and RSC programs provide tremendous opportunities for North Asia partners interested in developing applications and solutions, reselling technology, delivering GIS data, and providing training and consulting services.

Yuan Ping, Marketing Director, Beijing Spatial Port Technology Co. Ltd., commented, “Intergraph is a true GIS technology innovator. Interoperable GeoMedia technology has helped open the door to mainstream IT for GIS. We chose to join Team GeoMedia to facilitate the integration of GIS and our business systems. This way we can bring the best enterprise systems with unsurpassed geospatial capabilities to our customers.”

Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, China are countries which are the New partners who are to begin the GeoMedia certification