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Intergraph, DigitalGlobe announce Geospatial Challenge 2012 winners

Huntsville, US: Intergraph and DigitalGlobe announce that Priyanka Mehta and Allison Howard are the official winners of the Geospatial Challenge 2012. This contest received more than 115 proposals from individuals with project plans to leverage the power and flexibility of ERDAS IMAGINE to exploit DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 imagery.
Mehta’s winning paper is Urban Temperature Profiling Using WorldView-2 8 Band Imagery and ERDAS IMAGINE. This project sought to classify urban land use and land cover to visualize temperature profiles and heat island effects as functions of urban development. The extra four bands of eight-band imagery from WorldView-2 provide increased opportunities for visualization and extraction of intricate features present in data.
Howard’s winning paper is A Maximum Entropy and Least Cost Path Model of Bearded Capuchin Monkey Movement in Northeastern Brazil Incorporating ERDAS Subpixel Classification Analysis of WorldView-2 Imagery. Howard’s work has implications for predicting daily movement patterns of all mobile animals, as high-resolution imagery and subpixel analysis in conjunction with habitat modelling represent significant improvements to previous attempts to link species occurrence or animal behavior with environmental variables.
Priyanka Mehta and Allison Howard will present their papers on March 22, 2012, at the ASPRS Conference in Sacramento, US.
Source: Intergraph