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Intergraph collaborates on recent OGC program

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has announced the support of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative (CIPI), an Open GIS Consortium (OGC) program. As a Strategic Member of OGC, Intergraph will work closely with the organization as Phase I of CIPI commences with the Call for Participation/Request for Quotation.

CIPI-1 is the first of several interoperability pilot programs addressing the challenge of critical infrastructure protection. CIPI-1 will make use of emerging OGC Web Services (an infrastructure for Web-based online geoprocessing) and GeoFusion Services (an infrastructure for spatial referencing of varied types of data that have spatial meaning). CIPI will also identify requirements for new specifications to improve interoperability among communities that need to collaborate. As part of the OGC Strategic Membership agreement, Intergraph has dedicated a staff resource to the OGC program, whose focus is advancing interoperability in the area of critical infrastructure protection.

OGC President David Schell commented, “As a Strategic and Founding Member of the OGC, Intergraph continues to make significant investment in OGC programs, including the Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative, to help lead the geoprocessing technology development community in advancing interoperable product offerings and solutions.”