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Intergraph announces version 9.3 of G/Technology

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions introduced version 9.3 of G/Technology(TM) to professionals gathered in San Francisco, US, for Intergraph’s fifth annual Geospatial World international training and management conference. G/Technology delivers an integrated geofacilities management system that is the foundation for a comprehensive information technology (IT) environment called geospatial resource management (GRM), which facilitates integration among key engineering, operational and customer-related corporate systems for utilities and communication companies.

With version 9.3, G/Technology adds new capabilities for data integration, software customization and network maintenance and analysis to improve software usability and increase productivity for daily operational and maintenance workflows.

The joint release of G/Technology Version 9.3 and GeoMedia(R) Version 6.0 offers new levels of interoperability between the two products. GeoMedia’s enhanced data server for G/Technology will augment workflows requiring GeoMedia-based analysis of the geofacilities network data housed in G/Technology. The new data server has the ability to analyze more G/Technology attribute data than before and now uses the enterprise legends and symbology defined in G/Technology.