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Intergraph announces GeoMedia Fusion to enhance enterprise geospatial data integrity

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions has announced GeoMedia Fusion, its new product that automates and standardizes geospatial data collection, integration and maintenance. By using GeoMedia Fusion, users can improve the accuracy and currency of their enterprise database as they bring in new data, thereby, streamlining and improving decision support.

GeoMedia Fusion is targeted for geospatial professionals in transportation, photogrammetry, local and state government, federal and national government and military and intelligence markets.

GeoMedia Fusion is ideally suited to help countries produce data for exchange with allies in national defense scenarios; fuse data holdings from national, state, county and local agencies in homeland security situations; and create large volumes of data from multiple, disparate sources, avoiding the need for data recollection within commercial or governmental data production agencies.

GeoMedia Fusion allows users to interactively and/or automatically resolve data inconsistencies so that valuable information can be integrated more quickly into the enterprise database. Through its toolbox of functionality, the product enables users to transform geospatial data from disparate sources to match an enterprise data model. GeoMedia Fusion addresses the data integration process from data ingestion to selection, filtering and restructuring content through validation and quality assurance. Delivered with pre-defined rules that allow users to automatically begin the data ingestion workflow, GeoMedia Fusion also provides capabilities for customizing mapping rules in a database. The initial product release includes functionality for:

· Schema
· Conflation
· Advanced geometric validation
· Queued editing