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Intergraph and Rolta sponsor “The Festival of The Great Arc”

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions and its partner in India, Rolta India Limited (Rolta), are the sponsors of “The Festival of the Great Arc” – the celebration of the survey of the Indian Sub-Continent 200 years ago, led by Col. Lambton and George Everest. The festival is part of a major initiative to promote and create awareness about the benefits of geospatial technology in India, by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Intergraph and Rolta. DST is the nodal agency in India, for organizing, coordinating and promoting scientific endeavors in terms of surveying and providing maps for a number of organizations including defense, external affairs and developmental agencies. The Government of India and DST launched the festival on July 3, 2003 in London, UK. This week it is held concurrently with the Cambridge Conference, the international meeting of chief executives from national mapping organizations around the world. The festival will cover five other cities in the UK in the next six months and will also visit France, Spain and The Netherlands before returning to India by the time the Great Arc bicentennial concludes. The highlight of the festival is The Great Arc exhibition (Cambridge: July 15th – 23rd), which will showcase some of the major contributions of Indian surveyors in the fields of surveying and mapping, as well as advances made by India in space exploration and science and technology. Speaking during the launch of the exhibition in Cambridge, Preetha Pulusani, president, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, said, “Mapping the Great Arc was one of the greatest human endeavors for advancing geographic sciences. One of the corporate goals is educating future generations on the importance of geospatial technology in the world today and the Great Arc exhibition will illustrate to thousands of children the excitement in measuring the earth.” K.K. Singh, chairman & managing director, Rolta, commented, “The Festival is a glowing tribute to surveyors from India, who were able to map the Indian Sub Continent, for their courage and resilience in undertaking this great task. Rolta is continuing the legacy of these surveyors to provide the country with cutting-edge geospatial solutions.” The exhibition will have a dedicated area, which will showcase the development GIS in India.