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Intergraph addresses demand for heightened availability of Geospatial information

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions is highlighting its geospatial intelligence solutions at the GEO-INTEL 2003 conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, through October 17. These solutions enable military and intelligence organizations to combine data from diverse sources into a single environment for better decision making and response. Intergraph is displaying the interoperability of its solutions through participation in the industry-organized Geospatial Intelligence Interoperability Demonstration based on specifications from the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC). The demonstration involves numerous spatial technology exhibitors who are showcasing their use of interoperable geospatial technology to support development of a multisource, Web-based Common Operating Picture (webCOP) for first responders and warfighters; to manage geospatial intelligence from multiple distributed sources; and to develop plug-and-play enterprise systems and architectures. Interoperable solutions can help enterprises overcome information barriers that result from isolated or segregated systems, and increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of viewing, analysis, maintenance, collaboration, exploitation, and intensification associated with using geospatial data.

A big challenge currently confronting military and intelligence agencies is finding the best way to access and integrate the vast amounts of data that is readily available to help secure the nation, said Preetha Pulusani, President of Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions. “Interoperable geospatial technology from Intergraph is helping these organizations improve the use of this data for analysis, planning and operation of intelligence and defense programs by enabling real-time, seamless integration of the many available types of data, which are often distributed over many source locations.”

Show demonstrations are based on data provided by Earth Satellite Corporation and Space Imaging with partnering technologies from HP, Paragon Imaging, Sarnoff, Rosettex, OGC and The Spatial Technologies Industry Association (STIA) and include these areas:

Geospatial Intelligence Data Management
Imagery Exploitation
Spatial Analysis and Intensification
Dissemination, Collaboration and