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Intergis, KORE Telematics to transmit data for MRM

USA: KORE Telematics and Intergis LLC, are using the KORE network to power Vericom mobile resource management (MRM) solutions from Intergis, which enable businesses to more efficiently manage their vehicle fleets, mobile workforce and other assets.

Intergis now relies on the nationwide KORE network for all of its wireless data communication needs. Intergis’ turnkey Vericom MRM solution integrates software, hardware and reporting, enabling customers to monitor and optimize their fleet, other assets and personnel. The partnership between KORE and Intergis provides Vericom MRM customers with real-time data reporting that drives reduced costs, improved efficiencies and reduced risk.

KORE provides Intergis with reliable wireless connectivity and a suite of comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities, such as online reporting, troubleshooting, accurate billing and granular usage analysis.