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INTERGEO 2018 opened in Frankfurt

Germany: “Digitalisation is turning our industry upside down. We can either take note of this or play an active role in the process. INTERGEO 2018 is the place to find people who have opted for the latter and promote geodesy, geoinformation and land management as independent skills in the digital revolution.” This was the thrust of the address given by Professor Hansjörg Kutterer, President of event host DVW, at the traditional opening ceremony for the INTERGEO trade fair and conference for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, held the evening before the event. In his view, our awareness of the wide-ranging facets of digitalization will play a key role in its development. In the Emperors’ Hall of Frankfurt town hall, Kutterer called for people to use INTERGEO to gain a better understanding of digitalization, create networks and present original ideas.

According to Daniel Katzer, who is instrumental in setting the focus of INTERGEO as Head of Trade Fairs and Conferences for the fair’s host Hinte GmbH, INTERGEO is continuously evolving. “We see ourselves today as a supplier of interactive solutions for the key issues of the future,” says Katzer, adding that the hosts have adopted a long-term strategy for this event – and the figures speak for themselves. Once again, INTERGEO will be featuring even more exhibitors and offering an even broader range of perspectives, with over 100 experts addressing the INTERGEO CONFERENCE. The fair is hosting 640 exhibitors from 40 countries, approximately ten percent more than last year. What’s more, over 17,000 visitors from more than 100 countries are expected this year. More so than mere figures, INTERGEO’s distinct portfolio of products, innovations, information and networking opportunities is a true testament to the event’s international recognition.

DiGEOtisation is taking hold 
According to Hagen Graeff, the Chief Representative of DVW and conference organiser, the close intertwining of geodesy, geoinformation and land management certainly merits coining this new phrase. “Without geo-components, there would be no digitalisation. It’s as simple as that,” he points out. “That’s why we now talk about ‘diGEOtisation’”. Whether it’s in administration or business, without geoinformation time would stand still. Graeff cites two focal points on the conference programme as examples – smart cities and building information modelling (BIM). Katzer elaborates upon this new catchphrase by listing some of the cutting-edge technological developments underpinned by diGEOtisation – 3D modelling and data management (including the images created in augmented and virtual reality applications), new applications in the GIS industry, networking geodata and BIM, and further advances in photogrammetric methods and mapping.

INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (IAS EXPO) Europe’s leading event for civil drones 
With its themed platform INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS (IAS EXPO), INTERGEO has become Europe’s leading event for the drone industry. “All the big movers and shakers are in among our 170 exhibitors. The FlightZone right next to Hall 12 will be bustling with demonstration flights, giving visitors every chance to experience the diversity of drone technology first-hand. What’s more, visitors will have ample opportunity to attend all sorts of talks at the IAS Forum, with 90 speakers covering all aspects of drones on all three days of the trade fair. The first European Drone Summit, an independent specialist conference, will be held on Monday, 15 October, where experts will also address the political issues surrounding drones at both national and European level,” says Katzer.

SMART CITY SOLUTIONS (SCSEXPO): Solutions for liveable cities
INTERGEO’s themed platform SMART CITY SOLUTIONS (SCSEXPO) aims to promote dialogue between solution providers, cities and politicians. Katzer points out that, as urban density continues to increase, this keeps on throwing up new challenges, explaining why SCSEXPO is designed to bring together the local authorities’ decision-makers, urban planners and solution providers who are shaping the cities of tomorrow and turning them into ideal living environments. With over 190 exhibitors and around 50 eminent speakers, SCSEXPO showcases a wide range of smart city opportunities and solutions.

In addition to the specialist exhibition, the World Cafés on the new PLAZA should encourage visitors to get involved and interact. The forum will feature daily talks by prominent smart city experts.

The great value of face-to-face interaction
DVW President Kutterer: “Precisely in this era of digitalisation, face-to-face interaction has become more important than ever. Within the field of geo-IT, there is no other event in the world that offers opportunities for interaction on this scale. We’re looking forward to three full and fulfilling days, many thought-provoking talks at the trade fair and conference, new insights, intensive networking and future collaboration across organizations. For three days, INTERGEO 2018 will make Frankfurt the Mecca of geoinformation. I’m very much looking forward to it.”