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Intergeo 2014: Trimble highlights expanded GNSS and software portfolio

Germany, October 8, 2014: Trimble is leaving no stones unturned to make its presence felt at the ongoing Intergeo 2014 conference in Berlin. The company has made multiple launch announcements on the first day of the conference.

Trimble has made additions to its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) portfolio with the launch of Trimble NetR9 Geospatial receiver; the Trimble Geo7X with Trimble Access field software onboard; and enhanced Trimble xFill functionality that provides continuous RTK level accuracy when paired with a Trimble CenterPoint RTX subscription.

Serving as either a rover or mobile base station, Trimble has configured NetR9 Geospatial as a comprehensive modular GNSS receiver for the professional survey market. Trimble claims that the lightweight form factor of the NetR9 comes fully loaded with performance enhancements including: Trimble HD–GNSS technology, Trimble 360 technology, Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service support and Trimble xFill technology.

With Trimble Access onboard the Geo7X, surveyors benefit from a familiar, easy-to-use software interface that provides common survey workflows directly on their GNSS handheld, resulting in increased data collection efficiency. The Geo7X is a dedicated network rover that can be used on a survey rod with an external antenna for survey-grade accuracy. If the surveyor prefers the convenience of a highly mobile handheld solution, they can snap if off the rod and switch to the internal antenna. In this mode, they also have easier access to other features such as the integrated camera for collecting attribute data.

The expanded xFill functionality, available in the Trimble R10 GNSS receiver and NetR9 Geospatial receiver, allows surveyors to continue collecting data with centimetre accuracy indefinitely throughout their workday when the connection to the base station or VRS network is lost.

Trimble also launched eCognition Essentials, a new software solution for geospatial and remote sensing professionals performing land cover mapping tasks using satellite imagery. eCognition Essentials offers an image analysis solution that allows users of all levels to quickly produce GIS-ready deliverables. Its new automated image analysis functions—such as image segmentation or sample-based classification—combined with a set of interactive tools for quality control offer users a streamlined workflow for quicker project turnaround times.

In addition to the launches, Trimble also announced a number of updates to its software solutions. This includes a new version of its photogrammetric software suite — Inpho version 6.0 — which provides highly automated workflows for photogrammetry and remote sensing professionals. Trimble claims that a new satellite triangulation function in the new version of the software allows professionals to quickly generate deliverables from satellite imagery data and expand their capabilities, addressing the needs of industries such as environmental, forestry, agriculture and land management. Inpho version 6.0 also includes new automated, interactive tools that simplify workflows and reduces LiDAR data processing.

The other updates include: a new version of its laser scanning software – RealWorks version 9.0; mobile data analysis software – Trimble Trident version 7.0; enhancements to its V10 Imaging Rover; and a new addition to the ever-increasing suite of applications available for Trimble Access field software –Trimble Access Pipelines.

Source: Trimble