INTERGEO 2013: Driving innovation in geo applications

INTERGEO 2013: Driving innovation in geo applications


Essen, Germany: Around 16,000 people gathered in Essen for the three-day event, INTERGEO 2013. “This year’s INTERGEO has boosted innovation throughout the value-added chain, from data right up to decision-making and expertise. Ultra-innovative geoinformation applications have been at the very forefront,” said DVW President Professor Karl-Friedrich Thöne. The know-how of geodesists who are breaking new ground and developing solutions is also helping to expand on the approaches needed to drive forward the energy revolution.

The trade fair and conference focused on the biggest social issues, including the energy revolution, climate change, urban renewal and demographics – all in close dialogue with politicians, geoexperts and geobusinesses.

The significant increase in delegate numbers at the second INSPIRE Conference shows clearly that putting local authority issues at front was the right move. This highlights just how important geoinformation is for creating appealing urban environments where people want to work and live.

The 20th INTERGEO will take place from 7 to 9 October 2014 in Berlin.