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INTERGEO 2011 to showcase emerging geospatial tech

Karlsruhe, Germany: From 3D developments to satellite applications, the number of increasingly complex systems and solutions is growing all the time, the range of offerings is becoming broader and new sectors are opening up for development, according to Olaf Freier, CEO of HINTE GmbH and organiser of INTERGEO. He said that INTERGEO 2011 will showcase trends and developments that emerged last year during September 27 – 29, 2011, in Nuremberg, Germany.

According INTERGEO press statement, Geodata is a key element in today’s IT applications and INTERGEO is the central information hub for this, covering aspects that range from recording and processing geoinformation to distributing and supplying it. This is the third time that the world’s leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management is under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Olaf Freier has high expectations of this year’s event: “Nuremberg has the advantage of a strong tailwind from INTERGEO 2010. The upward economic trend will also impact on the geo industry. Given the geographical location of Nuremberg, the eastern European region will also play a more significant role this year.”

The press statement also states that the latest exhibitor survey indicated that INTERGEO is either important or very important for some 87 percent of the exhibiting companies, while target achievement is at almost 90 percent. Given these results, it is no surprise that INTERGEO is the most important industry event of the year for new companies. Interested companies can contact the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) directly via its website www.bafa.de. BAFA will cover 80 percent of the trade fair costs up to EUR 7,500, falling to 70 percent from third-time participation.