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Interactive maps to promote Tasmania tourism

Sydney, Australia: Tourism Tasmania appointed SAY Media, a digital publishing company, to roll out its largest ever cost-per-engagement advertising programme. The new ad campaign features an interactive Tasmanian map animated with the interchangeable travel itineraries. Viewers are encouraged to click along the map’s highlighted routes to explore what Tasmania has to offer, as presented in words, images and videos.

In a press release, Duncan Arthur, General Manager, SAY Media Australia and New Zealand stated, “Tourism Tasmania has amazing footage and creative assets. Combining the best of these with powerful rich media ad units allows us to show all Tasmania has to offer to draw tourists in. We’re thrilled Tourism Tasmania has given us the chance to show how their beautiful content can engage audiences online.”

The ad also links live to TasVacations to promote latest Tasmanian holiday packages deals. TasVacations offers a personalised service that allows browsers to talk to a Tasmanian in Tasmania, who can arrange flights or sea voyages and touring packages that best suit a traveller’s needs.

“Most Australians think they know what Tasmania has to offer but this strategy is about educating Australians on what they are really  missing out on and giving them reasons to visit now. We’ve achieved this by taking a whole website’s worth of content to our audience and presenting it in a compelling way, through video led travel itineraries, supported by deals to visit right now,” said Matt Houltham, Managing Director of Naked Melbourne.           

Source: PR Wire