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Interactive Indian map to help travellers, companies

Bidding to be India’s answer to interactive maps like MapQuest and YahooMaps, Delhi-based CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd has launched its own version to help make travel and business expansion plans easy.

Internet based interactive maps have developed over the last few years with the growth of GIS technology used for detailed mapping of an area.

A GIS technology based solutions and services provider, CE Info Systems had used its extensive database of digital maps to help the Delhi government map out various localities in the city. Rakesh Verma, managing director of CE Info Systems, told IANS.

Verma’s new mapmyindia.com site, the first interactive map site on India, has been born out of his extensive digital mapping in the country over last decade after returning back from the US where he worked with General Motors.

While still a long way from catching up with the detailed Eicher city maps, available mostly on paper, mapmyindia or CE Info Systems’ Mappls.com offer the option of going online and finding out the wildlife sanctuaries in India, places of tourist interest, right down to the nearest restaurants, cinema house or hospital in a city or colony.

Starting from level 12 showing the entire country, the site provides details of all the states to level five in most cases.

“So far only 30 major cities in the country have been covered fully up to level 1. These include all major metros and places of tourist interest. Every day we are upgrading the site to cover the entire country from level 12 to level one giving more details,” said Verma.

The lower levels cover details of a colony right down to the streets. The map would surely be a help to many in New Delhi who have no idea of the colonies near their home or where new colonies are mushrooming.

“For areas where we have not provided details up to level one, we are providing CDs that could be plugged into the car for navigation. As we progress we are planning to jump into more futuristic navigation systems like providing information on mobile,” said Verma.

How to travel from one city to another across the country? Where is a location, what is around it right down to ATMs, restaurants, sports and historical sites -the interactive map guides you all the way.

“We have set out 50 categories of information to make navigation easy,” said Verma, who is happy that the site is already getting around 40,000 hits a day mostly from overseas.

On his business model, Verma is confident that the site would help to substantially raise the annual turnover from Rs.50 million currently.

He revealed that several major companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola India are utilising the GIS technology to plan out their infrastructure plans like distribution systems, reaching out to prospective clients, while telecom companies use it for planning cabling and other requirements.

Right from providing linkages to different corporate sites to helping Coca-Cola develop a more interactive website, Verma is now working on a yellow pages concept for MapMyIndia for better customer friendly service.

–Indo-Asian News Service