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Interactive Arctic Environmental Atlas facelifts

8/23/2002 -The Arctic Environmental Atlas has presented environmental information on the Arctic region in an interactive map on the Internet since December 2000. The map has been updated with a new interface, more extensive data themes and new features. It is accessible at: https://maps.grida.no/arctic/

The themes in this map primarily concentrate on issues like biodiversity and conservation where the Arctic has a special status, with vast expanses of still untouched nature, important fish stocks and large seabird colonies. Other environmental problems that the map touches upon are ecological footprint, land based pollution and climate change.

The major sources used are some of the best global publicly available collections of data and maps that have been collected and projected to show a polar view, and implemented in this interactive map service. The Arctic Environmental Atlas also draws from work that UNEP/GRID-Arendal has done for various Arctic projects over the years, in everything from conservation to pollution monitoring.