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Intelematics launches the Telematics Services Hub to make motoring easier

Webraska, the provider of integrated wireless location-based services (LBS), Telematics applications, navigation and mobile enterprise solutions is pleased to announce that its powerful geospatial middleware is to be at the heart of a new service from Intelematics Australia, the telematics service provider. The new service, launched as the Australian Telematics Services Hub (ATSH), will extend Intelematics Australia’s core telematics and roadside assistance offerings currently made available through their nation-wide call centre and will soon be made available through wireless devices such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and mobile phones.

The ATSH uses Webraska’s location-based services software to provide services not only to members of the Royal Automotive Club of Victoria and the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (joint venture partners of Intelematics Australia) but also to Australia’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Holden (the Australian subsidiary of General Motors) who are already a Intelematics Australia customer. Webraska also developed additional device monitoring, scheduling and event-based alert features that will allow the TSH to deliver a range of new features including:

Event-based alerts (such as a low-battery alert) sent via SMS and/or email.
Up-to-date traffic information.
Directions to nearby petrol stations, hotels and restaurants.
Alternative routes to various points of interest, based on traffic forecasts.