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Intel, Bell Canada and VIA Rail Canada bring wireless Internet access to trains

July 30, 2002 – Maporama, a provider of online location-centric applications, has announced the availability of Saudi Arabian and Bahraini cities. After Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, all this new Middle-Eastern coverage is available from all Maporama’s location-centric products, including the company’s professional product suite Maporama Enterprise Solutions and its API libraries Maporama Application Programming Library (MAPIL).

Thanks to this latest evolution of Maporama’s cartographic databases, Maporama’s customers now locate with high precision their addresses in Saudi Arabia and in Bahrain. International retail networks, for example, guide their Saudi and Bahraini customers directly to their outlets via store-locator tools provided on their website by Maporama, or optimise the functioning of their company by exploiting the different modules offered by Maporama Enterprise Solutions.

Maporama offers its customers the most comprehensive geographic coverage available on the market. The company’s customers have the possibility to pinpoint over one billion of consumers across four continents. Maporama is the only player on the market of location-centric applications to offer, in addition to flawless coverage of European Union and North American countries, detailed street level maps of Arabic countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and Southern America.